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iBoard's layout process in the Middle East

Source:iboardRelease time:2020-02-29

    This is an important message that can not be ignored for the UAE, which is committed to building a key entrepot of China's trade with the Middle East and striving to realize the vision of future education informatization. Shenzhen iBoard Technology Co., Ltd. decided to bring the latest education products and solutions that have been researched and developed for several years in combination with more than ten years of experience in education informatization industry to GESS 2020.
    It is undeniable that based on the huge education market in the UAE and even the Middle East - the education expenditure in the UAE is the second highest in the world according to authoritative reports while the bilateral trade volume between China and the UAE reached 34.7 billion US dollars in the first nine months of 2019 - the participation of GESS 2020 is a significant part of the Middle East layout of iBoard.
    At the beginning of the exhibition, the booth of iBoard met the crowd. Such a scenario is still rare even at GESS, which has far-reaching influence. Many audiences gathered around the latest Interactive Flat Panel Display, Interactive Whiteboard and other educational products that iBoard has worked hard to develop and design over the years, and the well prepared elite lecturers of iBoard kept speaking for the enthusiastic audiences.
    Approaching the booth, after the in-depth and detailed introduction by the lecturers, the audience were deeply inspired by the products of iBoard, greatly surprised by the powerful functions and practical matching schemes of iBoard's products, and constantly emerged various application scenarios like greatly improving the teaching efficiency by applying the major education products to teaching. They couldn't help talking about what they thought on the spot, sharing their wonderful ideas with high spirits, and also a lot of audience came to joined in the discussion about iBoard's products while they saw this scenario. The atmosphere was once very warm.
     What are the magic of iBoard's latest products? Don't worry, let me tell you the secret.
    For example, with the ultra-low touch height and ultra narrow frame, iBoard's latest ultra-thin Interactive Flat Panel Display adopts the latest infrared touch algorithm, which greatly broadened the screen vision. What’s more, with an visual angle up to 178 degrees, iBoard's latest Infrared Interactive Flat Panel Display which can easily achieve perfect distance free and continuous delay free writing adopts the industry-leading infrared 0-gap multi-point touch technology.
    Moreover, in the combination scheme of Ultrashort Focal Laser Projector and Interactive Electronic Whiteboard, iBoard’s Ultrashort Focal Laser Projector provides excellent display effect, which can perfectly present the teaching content in terms of brightness and display color. The smooth human-computer interaction experience makes the operation of the Interactive Electronic Whiteboard more convenient and faster for teachers. The intelligent education and teaching environment composed of various hardware and the latest developed drawview 6.0 whiteboard teaching software, large and small screen interactive software has won the high praise of the audiences.
    Although the exhibition ended recently, the internationalization of iBoard still continues. As China's "one belt, one road" initiative was put forward and implemented, iBoard is in line with the trend of the times, and responds positively to the government's "going abroad" strategy, expanding the layout in the Middle East, and also committed to bringing the most practical educational information products and solutions to the countries along the new Silk Road!

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